Marvelous Magic Box

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The Marvelous Magic Box is an extremely versatile mirror box. A mirror positioned 45 degrees in the box allows you to hide a multitude of items behind the mirror. Open the front of the box and the box will appear to be empty. You can then open the top and remove the hidden items. Work it in reverse to make an item vanish - Place an object into the top, wave your wand, then open the front door to show the inside is empty!
In addition to this basic feature, the box also has a hole with a tube running through the sides. You can push a silk into the hole, then open the box and produce a hidden item. You could also have a silk hidden in the tube. Then drop an item in the top and pull the silk from the hole for an easy transformation.
Color changing silks is easy as well. Just start with a red silk concealed in the tube. Open the box and show it is empty. Then push a blue silk into the hole, forcing the red one out the other side. The blue silk remains hidden in the tube. It will appear as if the silk changed colors!

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